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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What role did religion and economics play in encouraging the Age of Exploration? What role did religion and economics play in encouraging the Age of Exploration? Religion Religion played a major role in the Age of Exploration for many different reasonsranging from converting the people they met to going for other religious reasons.Economics also played a big role in the Age of Exploration becauseof self interest, the government needing the territory, and for other reasons. Ecomomics Some of the Spanish conquerorswent for religious reasons, such as completing a penance, feelingthat Jesus or God told them to, or for other reasons. Many missionaries went with the conquerors to convert the Indiansin the Americas to the Catholicreligion. Only the rich sons of aristocrats(generally second son) were able go as conquerors to the Americas.They were seeking fame, gold,land, and some adventure. The exploration of the Americasbegan because the Spanishdrove out the Moors from thepeninsula and were ready to fundColumbus's voyage. Aristocrats held most of the land in the Americas. TheIndians were used for labor by thesettlers. When the Indians worked for the Spanish, theyworked in silver mines, harvestedwheat, and wove cotton. Since the Indians were coverted to Christianity,there were policiesi issued to protect their rights.The Indians couldn't be bought or sold as slaves,exept those with a royal licence. In the Spanish Empire in the"New World," a class of colonialland owners who were rich,buthad no political power were created.The Portuguese around Africa dominated trade with the east. Wealthy nobles owned much of the land in South America The Indians learned manyskills from the Jesuits.The Jesuits also established Churches and Missions. Eventually,the Jesuits were expelled fromthe Americas because of jealousy from Spanish rulers. In conclusion to this question, it is clearly shown that religionand economics shaped and encouraged the growth anddevelopment of the Age of Exploration through example and and the facts stated above in my infographic. These two factorsalso encouraged the need and spread throughout many European nations, as well as increase the amount of goodsbought and sold, boost the economy with supply and demand,and keep the religious alive even in the newly explored Americas.
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