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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 History of Animation Kabiram Thevanesan Kathirkanth joseph plateau- 1832 Wiliam george horner- 1834 Charles Emile Reynaud- 1877 Winsor McCay- 1904 Otto Mesmer- 1915 Aardman- 1972 Hanna Barbera- 1957 Georges melies- 1896 Pixar- 1986 Walt Disney- 1927 First to demonstrate the illusion of a moving image in a Phenakistoscope invented the zoetrope in1834 based on plateaus phenakistoscope French inventor made thefirst projected animated cartoons, Praxinoscope in 1877, then in 1888 threw all his work into the river Seine Discovered the substitution stop trick in 1896Famous for A Trip to the Moon His works ended in 1912 Made Little SammySneezes(1904) began turning his previous comic strips into animated cartoons Made advertising films in 1915 then made Felix the Cat in 1919 for Paramount picture In 1927 release of Oswald,1928 Steamboat Willie marking the first mickey mouse,Disneyused hand drawn and CGI Founded in 1957 by WilliamHanna and Joseph Barbera but before that they had produced Tom and Jerry,Barbera went on to continue Tomand Jerry in Warner Bros Peter Lord and David Sproxtonbegan in 1972 with Morph(Claymation/clay animation Project) and in 1995 to today with Wallace and Gromit Founded in 1986 by EddwinCatmull and Alvy Ray Smith using the Pixar Image Computer they made Toy Story in 1995Later Pixar was bought by Disney. Each line is coloured to match how far it lasted
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