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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LEGISLATIVE EXECUTIVE JUDICIAL brain arm shield Maureen O'Connor: Chief Justice Made of the General Assembly, which is made of House of Reps. and Senate Ohio Government balances my personal freedoms with order by working with three branches that all have functions that keep Ohio running smoothly. The three branches are the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches. They all work together and use their powers for the good of Ohio.The Judicial Branch works to protect Ohio. They are our shield. The Justices decide if someone is innocent or guilty when they are involved ina crime. This balances my personal freedom with order by giving me a limit. If I do somethingbad, I will have to pay a price. However I still have the freedom to make choices for myself.The Legislative Branch makes laws in order to keep Ohio tidy. The laws balance freedom and order by keeping things in check. The laws are the order, but my decision to follow them is mine.The last branch is the Executive Branch. The Executive Branch is there to enforce laws. They are the arm of Ohio.Its job is to make sure the laws that were created are being followed. This branch balances freedom and orderby telling us the laws to ensure our safety, but we still have rights so that government isn't too powerful.The three branches of government work in order to maintain the state of Ohio. They are here to think about way to keep us safe and happy, and then enforce those methods to protect us. Governor: John Kasich 99 chairs (House of Reps.) 33 chairs (Senate) carry out the laws Stephanie Kunze, State Representative Stephanie Kunze represents Ohio and Jim Hughs is our senator creates the laws Jim Hughes, our senator Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor Protects us from wrongs Governor John Kasich Settles disputes between multiple parties Able to pass or veto laws created by the General Assembly Separation of PowersRepresentative GovernmentLimited Government The three branches of government in Ohio split the duties of maintaining OhioOur state representative speaks on behalf of OhioPolice officers can't search you without permission.Their powers are limited by you. Picture Sources: Ohio Government
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