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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In 1434, Gil Eanesboldly sailed into the South Atlantic andreturned home safely. His voyage set the stage for even greaterexpeditions. Economics:The Portuguese along with the help of PrinceHenry the Navigatorwere able to set up trading stations alongthe African Coast, in order to go directly tothe gold and be able to trade. Economics:In 1488, Bartholomeu Diasrounded the southern tip of Africa because KingJohn II dreamed of a rich trading empire inAsia. Religion:In 1492, ChristopherColumbus sailed the ocean blue to try and find a passageto Asia westward across the Atlantic. Queen Isabellaand King Ferdinand agreedto sponsor his voyage because Queen Isabella thought it important tospread Christianity. Religion:In 1513, Juan Poncede Leon set out to find the legendaryFountain of Youth, which waters were said to make people younger. Henever did end up finding the Fountain of Youth but instead found Florida. Economics:King John !! decidedto send an expeditionto India in July 1497,he sent out explorerVasco de Gama. deGama's voyage tookPortugal a step closerto achieving King JohnII's dream of a rich trading empire inAsia. Economics:Amerigo Vespucciunderwent manyvoyages for Spain. Hecharted the coastlineof Central America. Economics:Ferdinand Magellanentered the vast Pacific Ocean in 1519to try and find a searoute to Asia. Economics:In 1578, Sir FrancisDrake rounded the tip of South America. Economics:In 1497, John Cabotexplored the coast ofNorth America for England.
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