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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lexington & Concord When?April 19, 1775 When?April 1775 to March 1776 Where?Boston, Massachusettes, Battle Of Bunker hill and Dorchester heights Siege Of Boston Why?Tension had been rising wit the residentsfrom the 13 colonies, British police and British authorities. Why?The militia did want to be their own. This happened because the militia would not give in. Where?State Massachusetts. Who was impacted?It was all of the Patriots that lost their lives and/or lost a friend in battle.The colonists of Boston also were impacted because they had to shelter The British soldiers. This was called the Quartering Act. Also many British Soldiers were affected because most colonists despised them being present in their homes and eating their food. 5. How is the siege of Boston related to the Intolerable Acts? (DOK3)Because many Soldiers were taken in, illegally. 6. How did the siege impact Loyalists? Soldiers? Rebels?The Loyalists got to move in since many patriots left the homes. Life was hard for the colonists that stayed since they arent loyalists and they go against the king. The rebels had to leave their homes and stay in the darkness so they do not get killed and so they win the war. The soldiers had to go out and find the rebels and eliminate them and some stayed to protect boston. The soldiers had to move in with the townspeople. Siege Of Boston 7. Use your own words to explain what happened at the Battle of Chelsea Island. (Blooms The battle of Chelsea Creek was a military conflict between Great britain, and the thirteen colonies of america. It took place on Saturday, May 27, 1775. George washington was stationed at Chelsea creek. 8. How could the Americans plan been improved? (Blooms 5)Their plan could have been improved by practicing shooting and knowing what they would do as soon as they came in and took boston. They kinda had some basic rules to follow and then winged it. They couldve scouted the area and know where the weak points are and where the soldiers were appointed. If they have done that they couldve took it over a whole lot easier.b. Summary of eventThe siege of boston was mainly just a war. It was basically the militia vs. britain. The militia had heavy loss of men, casualties were high. Britain was well better trained, and or had more men. The militia was basically just a rebel society, put together by people who did not want to be owned by Britain. In the end the militia won. This took place in Massachusettsc. Outcome of eventThe Siege Of Boston lasted for 11 months. It was led by George Washington and it ended with the colonists winning causing the british soldiers to retreat to sea.d. Do you agree with the outcome of the event? Why? (Blooms 5)Yes I do, I do think that the militia should of won. And they did, if we lost we could have been put at a disadvantage if we lost and or we couldve lost the war.e. What are other possible outcomes for your event? (Blooms 4)The british could have found where the colonists have been hiding and flanked them from the left, right and back causing them to move forward into the other british soldiers. The british could have had reinforcements come and take over the rest of the colonists than they end up obeying every
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