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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Do you like Adventure? Do you like to have a near death feel? If so then you want to go to the Arabian Peninsula. Mountains After a rough day in the desert you will want to relax and unwind in a nice comfortable place.Most of the mountain ranges on the Arabian Peninsula can be found near the southeastern and western coasts. You will be able to see the sun rise over the coast.Relatively cool climates when compared to the rest of the peninsula.twenty inches of rain a year and the height of the mountains ranged from 1000 to 12000 ft..Adaptions These type of homes are well insulated and provide warmth at night and cool temps in the day. (sun dried mud bricks. )By cutting these step like terraces into the mountains it prevents erosion and provides a stable foundation to build on. 3They is a stable water source and there is a good opportunity for them to make their own homes with worth and coolness. Yet there wasnt much of food because you couldnt plate much.1It would be hard for other people to be able to get to them or for them to get to other people. so they would only be able to do it occasionally so you wouldnt be able to get everything you need. Deserts sand dunes created by windstorms are really beautiful. over 100 degrees at night there can be below freezing tempsRainfall is scarce and is usually less than a few inches a year. Annual rainfall was usually only 3 to 4 inches Adaptations heavy use of camels to carry goods, for their wool, milk, cheese, and meatwear very loose fitting clothing to adapt to this harsh desert environmentraising sheep, camels and goatsLivability Rating w/JustificationTrade Rating w/Justification 1There was not a stable source of water food or shelter unless people are used to this kind of climate they won't survive long. 2People if they are only passing through with the correct necessities then they should be able to make it through. But they will have to go through sandstorms and sand dunes. Arabian Peninsula Arabia
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