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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 California Gold Rush 1848-1855 Crazy Horse Sioux Warrior Sarah Madden 3rd Hour This drastically increased the United States territory, allowing white settlers and pioneers to move west, intruding on the Native Americans land. The Louisiana Purchase 1803 The California Gold Rush 1848-1855 This event drew a steadystream of whites fromthe East who planned tofind their fortunes in theWest. They destroyed theenvoirnment and chasedaway game. The Horse Creek Treaty of 1851 By: Brenda Haugen Misunderstandings from thistreaty caused confusion andfrustration for both Indiansand whites. Instead of endingconflict, the treaty started evengreater hostility between thetwo groups. The Grattan Massacre August 17, 1854 The Grattan Massacre marked the start of what have been called the Sioux Wars. Battles between whites and Indians would rage on until 1890. The Civil War 1861-1865 Once the Civil War brokeout, there was a briefmoment of peace for theNative Americans becausethe war drew many U.S.soldiers on the frontier backEast to fight. The Fetterman Massacre December 21, 1866 The Sioux ambushed ColonelWilliam Fetterman, killing all hissoldiers. If the Sioux had notbeen successful in their attack,the whites would destroy theland and the wildlife as they haddone on the Holy Road, and theSioux would not have survived. The Death of Crazy Horse Septemeber 6, 1877 Trying to break free whilebeing jailed, Crazy Horsewas stabbed, and died. Withthe death of one of their greatleaders, the Sioux were forcedto move north to the MissouriRiver area by the United Statesgovernment. The Sioux Surrender May 1877 Crazy Horse turned overhis rifle and horse to thewhite officers as the Siouxsurrendered. This surrendermarked the end of the Siouxwars and soon led to thedeath of the famous,Crazy Horse.
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