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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Infographic The Missouri Comprimise A. Maine was admitted as a free state. B. Missouri was admitted as a slave state. C. Slavery would not be allowed in the rest of the Louisianna Purchase north of the 36 30 line. Wilmot Proviso Prevented slavery in territories acquired from Mexico The compromise of 1850 1. California admitted as free state.2. No slavery restriction in New Mexico.3. Border disagreement in favor of NM.4. Slave trade abolished.5. Stronger fugitive slave law. Popular sovereignty/ Kansas Nebraska act Residents of each state could vote on whether or not slavery was legal in their state. This was called popular sovereignty. Bleeding Kansas John brown and his friends killed pro slavery people in Kansas. Charles summer and Preston brooks Charles sumner delivered a speech in which he gave a personal tirade against senator Andrew butler. Butlers relative, Preston brooks, beat sumner with a cane. Republican Party Dred Scott Harper ferry Lincoln's election Some democrats opposed the ideas of the others so they branched off and formed the Republican Party Escaped slave sued for his freedom. Supreme Court decided that slaves are not citizens and therefore cannot file for lawsuits. White abolitionist John brown attempts to start an armed slave rebellion by taking over an Arsenal in Harpers ferry Election of Lincoln unsettled the south due to his strong opposition of slavery. Lincoln later abolished slavery.
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