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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 *resources History Of Animation History Of Animation Joseph Plateau 2nd Joseph Plateau- 14th of October 1801 to 15th of September 1883He introduced the illusion of a moving image. To do this he used counter rotating disks with repeating drawn images in small increments of motion on one and regularly spaced slits in the other. He was an illusionist. 1832 1833 William George Horner 1st William George Horner- 1786 to 22nd of September 1837 He created the Zoetrope which is a pre film animation devise.He was mainly remembered for that. 1877 Charles Emile Reynaud 3rd Charles Émile Reynaud- 8th of December 1844 to 9th of January 1918He was a French inventor who was the first Animated cartoonist. Pauvre Pierrot was the first animated film produced in public.He was mainly only an animated cartoonist. 1888 Georges Melies Georges Melies- 8th of December 1861-21 of January 1938He was commonly known for doing- Special Effects, Multiple Exposures, Time Lapse Photography, Dissolves and he also did a few Hand Painted ColourHe was a cinematographer. 1905 Winsor McCay 5th Winsor McCay- 26th of September 1869 to 26th of July 1934His best piece of works were a comic strip called Little Nemo and his film Gertie the Dinosaur.But he did a lot of comic strips and he was well known for them.He's a cartoonist and an animator. 1919 Otto Messmer Otto Messmer- 16th of August 1892-28th of October 1983American animator, he was most known for the creation of Felix the Cat cartoons, also comic strips. Felix the cat which was his most popular cartoon was an international sensation. 1933 Walt Disney 7th Walt Disney- 5th of December 1901 to 15th of December 1966Walt disney is the most famous of all the people here he was Cartoonist, Animator, Voice actor, Film producer. He created the world famous cartoon Mickey Mouse.He was cel animator.
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