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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Highpoint Agresso Lexicon A ABC Activity based costing - methodology for assigning costs, based on activities (services) consumed by the end-user. ABW Agresso Business World. The suite of Agresso software supplied by UNIT 4 Business Software Ltd. ABW Client Specific ABW company that the user logs into. ABW can cater for multiple businesses sharing the same database. Each business is usually established in a separate ABW client to enable it to operate in different currencies, language etc. and with different accounting and business processes. ABW Transaction Number The ABW Transaction Number is automatically allocated to a financial transaction (journal, invoice or payment) when it is created or entered. Note: Other number includethe Supplier invoice number, which is provided on the document form the supplier and is recorded on AP transaction in the invoice number field; the GL Registration Number, which is used for fiscal reporting and is generated by the GL Registration report at period end. Account See Chart of Accounts and Account Code. Account Code A 4 digit number representing an identified account, as listed in the Chart of Accounts. Account Rule Rule attached to an account code, which is used to guide data input nd assist validation. Accounting Period These are usually months, quarters and years. As each accounting period expires, the books are closed for that period. Monthly periods are numbered 1 to 12: 1 being August, the first month of the accounting year, and period 12 being the following March. Accounts Payable (AP) The procedures for handling funds leaving, through activity such as procurement of goods and services. Accounts Receivable(AR) The procedures for handling funds owed, through activity such as Sales Orders. Accrual An adjustment to reflect the timing difference between receipt of goods or services and recording of an invoice. An accrual increases the cost for the current period to include such items. ACRALS Agresso Amendment Logging Service. A background process that manages the logging of insertions, updates and deletions of database tables as selected. ACTIVITY The lowest level of analysis in the PCB management structure. AGRDWS Agresso Data Warehouse Service. A background process that automatically updates balance tables with transactional data. Agresso Business World UNIT4 Agresso was previously know as Agresso Business World AGRTPS Agresso Transaction Processing Service. A background process that posts financial transactions to the ledgers in a controlled way. AINAPS Agresso IntellAgent Processing Service. A background process that controls the IntellAgent event driven processes and alerts. Alerts Agresso Stock Processing Service. A background process that handles the posting of stock transactions. AP Accounts Payable AR Accounts Receivable The most basic element of information in Agresso. Think of them as descriptive tags pinned onto the various transactions or projects in Agresso. Attribute ALGSPS Agresso Stock Processing Service. A background process that handles the posting of stock transactions.
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