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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1940s-1950s Highlights of the Language Teacher's Journey through Time Highlights of the Language Teacher's Journey through Time Grammar Translation 1960s Students translate classial texts Focus on language structures Accuracy is important Teacher centered No need for communication What an adventure! The Designer Methods Suggestopedia Silent Way 1980s-1990s Noam Chomsky Language is inborn Power of the mindUniversal Grammar Language Acquisition Device Audiolingualism Listen and repeat Teacher centered Used with military Based on Behaviorism Krashen's Natural Approach Listening is the key to unlock language acquisitionAll students need is comprehensible inputGrammar and accuracy are not important Second language learning is just like first language learning Communicative Language Teaching 1600s-1800s Innatism: A Turn Towards a Cognitive View Focus on the mind and its powersNeed not explain everything The students have powerful mindsTeacher tries to be silent Listening and speaking are important Free and guided speaking activities Communicative strategies Balance between fluency and accuracyBased on years of researchCommunicative activities 1970s Unconscious mind holds the keyStudent comfort is importantRelaxation is key to success Total Physical Response Based on brain-body connectionStudents act out language.More engaging than sitting in seats Today double click to change this title text!
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