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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 For Assistant Managing Editor Dear Highlights, Hi, there! My name is Nicole, and I saw your posting on Publisher's Marketplace looking for an Assistant Managing Editor. I have to say, I got really excited at the possibility of working for a magazine I've read since I was old enough to read, and also following my passion for editing and publishing, so let me tell you the story behind all the bullet points on my resume. I've always been one of those kids who thirsted for knowledge, and got in trouble for reading any thing I could get my hands on during class. While I was there, I added an Editing & Publishing minor... ...and worked on as many literarymagazines as I could. I even became theManaging Editorof a small press. After all my "book learning" and an internship with the Forum for Undergraduate Student Editors (F.U.S.E), I graduated in May 2013 So I went to Susquehanna University for a B.A. in Creative Writing After school... ...I quickly found a job increative marketing, workingas a social media coordinator,editor, and product developmentassistant. I had a number of other responsabilities as well, like copy-editing, web design, and SEO. My passion is with publishing, though.In my spare time I like to publish chapbooks and keep my skills fresh with freelance editing. The office environment has really helped me refineother skills as well. I've become very proficient in SEO, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Design Suite, and basic HTML--always quick to learn more! So if you're looking for a motivated, creative, eager & passionate Assistant Managing Editor...I'd love to talk with you some more!
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