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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Incident at Honnoji:Nobody is sure who really killed Nobunaga Oda; his betrayer and retainer Mitsuhide Akechior sniper Magoichi Saika. Incident at Honnoji: Magoichi Saika Mitsuhide Akechi Yamazaki (Mt. Tenno) Kyushu Komaki-Nagakute Odawara Castle Shizugatake A well-known conflict in theimmediate aftermath of Honnoji.Hideyoshi (Hashiba) vs Mitsuhide Akechi.Hideyoshi controls the mountain,Hashiba victory. Mitsuhide commitssuicide ("seppuku") July 2nd, 1582 June 6th-10th, 1583 Hideyoshi (Hashiba) vs Katsuie ShibataNobunaga's sister, Oichi, convincesKatsuie to attack Hideyoshi in his(Katsuie's) final stand. Hashiba Victory. Katsuie commits suicide. Nobunaga Oda March - November, 1584 Hideyoshi Hashiba vs Ieyasu TokugawaIn order to not only prove his strength,but to also prove his worth, Hideyoshimust overpower Ieyasu and fight forhis right to rule the land.Hashiba tactical victory. Peace Negotiations begin with Ieyasu. 1586 - 1587 Hideyoshi Toyotomi vs Yoshihiro Shimazu.After realising the almost desperateconflict between Yoshihiro and theIsland's clan heroine, Ginchiyo Tachibana,Hideyoshi sides with Ginchiyo to quell the battle. Shimazu surrender. Hideyoshi Toyotomi vs Ujimasa Hojo.With only the Hojo and the Date clans left to oppose him, a confidentHideyoshi sets his sights on Odawara. Masamune Datesurrenders before the battle, and helpsto overcome the Hojo forces.Hojo Surrender. Hideyoshi Toyotomicompletes his goal.The land is unified. February - July, 1590 Hideyoshi's Story Mode Begins. Hideyoshi with his loyal retainer, Mitsunari Ishida Nobunaga Oda Mitsuhide Akechi Ieyasu Tokoguawa Ginchiyo Tachibana HideyoshiToyotomi Formerly, Hideyoshi Hashiba
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