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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hideyoshi Toyotomi: Character Conflicts Hideyoshi Toyotomi Magoichi Saika Nobunaga Oda Nobunaga Oda Hideyoshi Toyotomi Nene Hideyoshi Toyotomi Katsuie Shibata Hideyoshi Toyotomi Ieyasu Tokugawa Yoshirio Shimazu Ginchiyo Tachibana Mitsunari Ishida Hideyoshi Toyotomi Oichi Conflict One: Hideyoshi,Nobunaga, Magoichi Conflict Two: Hideyoshi,Nene, Nobunana Conflict Three: Hideyoshi,Oichi, Katsuie Conflict Four: Hideyoshi,Yoshihiro, Ginchiyo Conflict Five: Hideyoshi,Mitsunari, Ieyasu Hideyoshi and Magoichi areold friends. Magoichi is askedas a mercenary to aid the Odaby Hideyoshi. Years later, the Oda clan besiege the Saika Village, coming face to facewith Magoichi Saika.When the mercenary attemptsto get revenge by snipingNobunaga, it is Hideyoshi whohas to stop him.Magoichi's death leaves Hideyoshi in tears, promisingto build a world free of conflict,which is what Magoichi also desired. Hideyoshi's fiercely loyalwife Nene follows himonto the battlefield, whereshe too fights for the Oda.It is rumoured that OdaNobunaga sent Lady Nenea letter mocking the Monkey Husband and calling her a delicate flowerwho should be treated withmore respect than whatshe got from Hideyoshi. Annoyed at the deah of her brother and the stateof affairs leading to Hideyoshi becoming OdaNobunaga's retainer once he became deceased, Oichiconvinced Katsuie Shibata,also rumoured to have aninfatuation with her, toattack him at Shizugatake.Hideyoshi and Katsuiewere allies under the Odaclan, while Hideyoshi alsohad a fascination with Lady Oichi's beauty. As a ruler, Hideyoshi attempted to form a deal or "truce" of sortswith the warring Tachibana andShimazu clans on the island ofKyushu. After facing YoshihiroShimazu and fighting alongsideGinchiyo Tachibana in the game,Yoshihiro yields to Hideyoshi's power and agrees to help theToyotomi clan, alongside theTachibana clan. Gaining Tachibana and Shimazu allies, Hideyoshi's forces were large and powerful. In Hideyoshi's dream stage of the game, Hideyoshi fakes his own death in order to test the loyalty of his retainers, followers, anddiscover what might happen due to his passing.Mitsunari stands true tothe Toyotomi family, but falters against the Tokugawa clan at the battleof Sekigahara. Hideyoshi makes hispresence known by ridinginto battle. Insulted by histrick, the Tachibana andShimazu clans promptlydefect to the Tokugawa.
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