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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DIY Home Energy Audit -Attic-Doors-Gaps along baseboard-Recessed lighting-Edge of flooring & ceiling-Exterior where two different materials meet-Outlets-Crawl spaces-Fireplace damper Heating & Cooling -Check furnace and AC filters and replace as needed.-Any HVAC system over 15 years old should be replaced with a newer, energy efficient system.-Check for any water on the piping and anywhere else around the area.-Set your water thermostat to 120°F. Locate & seal air leaks double click to change this header text! Where to look: Lighting takes up about 10% of your electric bill.-Replace inefficient bulbs with energy saving options. You can choose from halogen incandescents, CFLs, LEDs and more. Appliances & Electronics Look for moisture -Consider investing in an electricity usage monitor in order to see how much energy your appliances are using.-When it is time to get a new appliance, make sure it is energy efficient. -Check your gutters, roof and foundation for any cracks.-Trim trees hanging over your home and bushes touching your house.-Make sure you have an adequate amount of attic vents.-Check walls that line the permitter of your home for mold or mildew (don't forget to check closets).-Look for signs such as rust, cracked caulk or chipped paint around plumbing fixtures. -Check for a vapor barrier in your attic. These reduce the amount of water vapor leaking to your ceiling. Lighting Check your insulation -The level of insulation required for homes (R value) may have changed since your home was built.-Go into your attic and measure the depth of the insulation in the attic. -Make sure attic vents are not blocked by insulation.-Check your wall's insulation by going through an outlet. Be sure to turn off electricity to any outlets on the wall your are testing. To make sure the electricity is off, plug in an appliance to see if it turns on. By using a screwdriver, poke inside the wall. If there is resistance, then there is insulation. Follow this checklist of items to audit your home's efficiency and save money.
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