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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hesperia Tower Sustainability services for events by Easy implementationservices, with low cost for he Organizer and strongimpact on positiveappreciation of the event 1. 2. Full service thatincludes everythingyour need to make youevent more sustainable SUSTAINABILITY PLANAnalysis of the event by expertconsultants, developing a SustainabilityPlan with specific actions for the eventand advice on implementationSUSTAINABILITY REPORTSSustainability audit of the event anddrafting of a reporton the resultsincluding sustainabilitydata and indicators Convention Center ADVANCEDSERVICES FULL PACK 4. Services inorder to makevisible and improvethe sustainable imageof the event 3. COMMUNICATIONSERVICES Complex implementationservices designed to achievean event highly sustainable inall areas of their organization - Monitoring of implementation ofsustainable actions during the event- Carbon footprint measurement- Sustainability report Hesperia Tower Convention Center has a qualified team of consultantsspecialised in providing professional sustainability services for the eventstaking place in its facilities. These are the most requested services. BASICSERVICES MEASUREMENT OF CARBON FOOTPRINTCalculating CO2 emissions emitted bythe cause of the eventCOMPENSATION OF EMISSIONSProcessing of the CO2 offset with acompensation project by ECODES(Ecology and Development Foundation) ECO-APPSpecific apps for the event includincontents about its sustainability.Paper savingMINISITEDesign of web sites detailing the actions takenin order to make the event more sustainable CONTENTS FOR PARTICIPANTSGuide sustainable of the event,explanatory posters and videosfor sensitizing participantsOTHERSDrafting of press releases about thesustainability of the event, strategiesfor social networks, training sessions ALL THESE SERVICES ARE INCLUDED:- Analysis of all the impacts of the event- Sustainable Event Planning
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