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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hideyoshi Toyotomi's Journeytechnically starts withMagoichi Saika's Story Mode Hideyoshi Toyotomi Magoichi Saika Hideyoshi asks the mercenaryand best friend, Magoichi Saika, toassist the Oda in battle. While Magoichi and Hideyoshi arebattling elsewhere, Nobunaga's forces lay seiege to the Saika village.Magoichi, in a fit of rage, attempts tosnipe Nobunaga at Honnoji, blaming his(Oda's) death on Mitsuhide Akechi.In Magoichi's cutscenes, Hideyoshi features in each, except the death ofNobunaga Oda. Hideyoshi rescues Magoichi and asks him to assist Hideyoshi in his quest tomake a new, happy Japan, decidingthat taking his best friend's head was not worth it. In this storyline, Magoichi is shot by oneof the Akechi soldiers, his death comes after the battle, wherein Hideyoshi promises to create this new Japan. Friend, mercenaryMagoichi Saika "It's over, Nobunaga" Cutscenesfrom MagoichiSaika's Story Mode Hideyoshi cradles the body of his dying best friend. However, Samurai Warriors 2 Does not abide to the traditionalrules of the "Hero's Journey"... Samurai Warriors 2, while it does include Story Mode to give a fairly accurate representation of the Hero's Journeymodel, also includes the characters' "Dream Stages" at the end of each.Dream Stages are often referred to as the "what-if" stages.For instance, in Hideyoshi's Dream Stage, he fakes his own death totry and measure his retainer's loyalty and identify what mighthappen after he does become deceased.Each character with a Story Mode has their own Dream Stage, and does not follow the traditional rules of the "Hero's Journey"... In fact, most games do follow the narrative structureof the Hero's Journey Model, whether they rely heavily oncertain narrative codes or not. Mortal Kombat is a strangegame to try and map in this way, as (much like with Samurai Warriors 2), each character has their own goals and desiresand some even have their own storyline. However, the end goalfor all is the same: defeat the enemy. I believe that any game with a set goal CAN follow the modelof the "Hero's Journey", however each game can change the courseof the narrative by presenting the character(s) with a new goal for each challenge that they complete, and this is where gamessuch as Tetris come into play.(Pardon the pun). Hideoyshi Toyotomi withhis wife, Lady Nene.
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