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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Road Back Call to Adventure Crossing The Threshold Refusalof TheCall TheApproach The Ordeal Resurrection The Hero and the Ordinary World Marlin is afraid of saving Nemo because he is afraidof the unknown sea. Seizingthe Sword Marlin finally getshis son, Nemo, back. MeetingThe Mentor Marlin meets Chris(turtle),and he teaches him to take risks. Nemo gets caught by the man in the boat.Marlin is sent to out to save Nemo. Marlin gets stung by jellyfish when he wasswimming through them, and he almost died.He is reborn when the turtles find him and teach himlearns that he must take risks to move on. Dorothy sees Nemo inthe fishtank, and Marlinorganizes a planto get him back. On the way back to the ordinary world,Dorothy gets stuck in a net. Nemo wantsto save her, but Marlin doesn't want him to go.But after what he has experienced he let him go. Marlin makes a choicethinking Nemo is dead.But when Nemo comesback with Dorothy theyhelp Marlin realize his mistake. Marlin is the hero in this story.The ordinary world is at home. Hero's Journey Finding Nemo When Marlin goes into the unknown, endless sea, he is going to the special world. Tests,Allies,Enemies Allies - fish with nemo that help him escape. Enemies(Shadow) - Darla. Tests(TG) - the whale, the jellyfish. Return of Elixir When Marlin goes backto the ordinary world.He reflects over what hehad learned and lets Nemogo to school with no fear, so he can live without worry. The herald is the man in the boat who kidnapped Nemo. The mentor is Chris, and he taught Marlin how to take risks. Thomas Lee, Parker Leathers
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