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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Strength/Superpower: Courage: Martin: It varies, he wasn'ta built up man, physically butin his brain he was.He was very good at writing and giving speeches (talkingin pubic). Perseus: Physicallybuilt and exercised. Martin: Physically he was courageous going to lead but on the side he was scared doing this and verynervous. he had that gutwho encouraged himbecause he always had faith. Perseus: His couragewas mainly driven notsuch a good cause ofcourage to stop Polydectes from marryinghis mother. Selflessness: Martin: He was against segregationbecause of how he saw they weremistreated. Felt thediscrimination himself but his stride was every one to be together as well as everyone else,not really including himself, but seeing this happen. Perseus: He may have helpedpeople during his journey buthe only helped for hisconvenience. Being selfish isunlikely for heroes. Humility: Perseus: Didn't show often except fortwice when he felt sorry for Atlas up the sky waiting for no reward, and the fair maiden(Andromeda) tied to a rock.Saving Andromeda was a bit selfishsince he fell in love her. Martin: He was humblehe helped everyone and fought for what was right. Henever expected nothing inreturn. Patience: Martin: Was prudent of timeand when he had his claim hefought for it and was patient,meaning he tried to find otherways before even thinkingabout violence. Perseus: No mercy on Medusa,was up o the job ofblackmailing the Graeae, andgetting rid of Polydectes as fastas he could, concluding that hehas no mercy. Caring: Martin: Very caring of the people around him. Perseus: Was thoughtful and caring of his mother(Danae), Atlas, and Andromeda. Qualities make up each person but there are specificqualities on which make a hero, they vary either easy or hard to find. Martin Luther King Jr.: The Real Hero A Hero Has: Rodriguez, Yulianna BLK C12/8/14
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