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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Call to Adventure Baymax's call to adventure was when his creator, Tadashi, dies. Call for Help Baymax, Tadashi, anda few other friends work together to find out how Tadashi died. . Status QuoBaymax is just a robot that was created to help people in need. Departure The group of heroes take off to find out what is going on. Trials Baymax and the group of heroes have to fight many different obstacles Approach The group of heroes approaches their final battle with the boss. Crisis Baymax & Tadashi face death when they try to save someone. Sadly, Baymax dies saving Tadashi from death. Treasure Tadashi is rewarded for his heroism by having Baymax rebuilt. Result As a result, Baymax and Tadashi were together again and everything that had gone on was fixed. Return All the heroes return and their lives are became back to normal. New Life Everyone lives happily at the end. They all got what they want and they see life in a new perspective. Resolution Everything was back to normal and all the bad guys were taken down. Hero Cycle: Big Hero 6
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