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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roles of the President Herbert Hoover 31st US President Born: August 10, 1874 in West Branch IowaDied: October 20, 1964 in NY, New York Presidency Issues Fun Facts Hoover's Life Informal Qualifications Some Informal Qualifications Hoover met were:1) He was a Quaker.2) He was a white male.3) Led the US Marines around Tianjin in China duringthe Boxer Rebellion.4)Helped return 120,000 Americans from Europe in WWI 1) The President is the Commander in Chief, which means he is responsible for raising, training, supervising, and deploying all the defensive forces. The President must meet with militaryofficers as well as Civilian National Security Advisers.2) The President is the Chief Diplomat. He appoints ambassadors, negotiates treaties, and travels to countries.3) The President is the Chief of State. He promotes worthy causes, bestows metals on Military heroes, and has formal dinners withforeign leaders. Son of Jessie Hoover, a blacksmith with German and Swiss Heritage, and Hulda Randall Minthorn, who had English and Irish Heritage. Both parents were Quakers. Married to Lou Henry in 1899 and had 2 children named Herbert Clark Hoover Jr. and Allan Henry Hoover. The whole family became Quakers. During his presidency, Herbert Hoover withdrew American troops from Nicaragua and Haiti and proposed a arms embargo on Latin America. One of the most infamous roles Hoover played in his Presidency was during The Great Depression. One thing he did was call a business meeting and urge all the major corporations to not firetheir employees. Many argue that Hoover initiated the New Deal. Hoover's dad dies in 1880His mom dies in 1884 Enters Stanford in 1891Graduates in 1895 with Geology Born August 10, 1874 in Iowa Work at Bewick, Moreing & CO 1897 Married Lou Henry 1899 Founded Zinc Corporation 1905 Head of US Food Administration Appointed by Wilson 1917 Won Presidency in 1929-1933 Tried to lead America through the Great depression from 1929-1933Lost Presidency to Roosevelt in 1933 Died on October 20, 1964 NY, New York Hoover was the first President born west of the Mississippi.Hoover has a comet named after him!
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