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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LICENSURE/CERTIFICATION WORK SETTING SALARY & EMPLOYMENT 5 KEY JOB DUTIES Salary range (2015) Average hourly pay (2015) Employed (2015) Job growth (2012 - 2022) $20,000 - $120,000 NA NA ENTRY LEVEL EDUCATION REFERENCES 1. created by: © 2015 While there is no set academic requirement, herbal education programs can range from 125 hours to 3 years (1200 hours). These programs are mainly offered by alternative medicine institutes and organizations. No state or national licensure or certification requirements exist at this time. American Herbalists Guild (AHG) professional membership is recommended. Some herbalists work with healthcarepractitioners, especially in the integrativemedicine setting. Many are self-employed. Recommends herbal remedies to treat certain illnesses andafflictions. May also research, write about and cultivate herbs. HERBALIST Knowing both the adverse and positive effects of herbs, including interactions and any contraindications between different herbs and other medications. Determining the appropriate dose and mixture of herbal treatment for a particular clients diagnosis, including how to take it. Discussing expected effects of the herbs, including any potential side effects. Growing or selecting the purest herbs for use in treatments. Properly storing and tracking the shelf life of herbs and replacing expired herbs as needed. Health Career Profiles: Alternative Medicine Statistics for Herbalists working in the U.S.: Employment Outlook NA NA
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