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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 herbs What each herb does for you how Herbs They help your health. They have tons of health benefits and not so many nasty side affects that medicines have. Here are some herbs that are great for your health! help your health Heart Health pain reliver relaxent anti-inflamatory digestive health each picture = Something it does Bone Health Blood Sugar Cholesteral Good vitamins and minerals Respitory health cinnamon oregano rosemary mint basil Brain health Herbs have been used to help your health since then Many people are changing to what is called "alternative" medicine which is fancy talk for herbs, spices, ect. Instead of using those prescriptionswith 101 nasty Klein, Sarah. "Healthy Herbs: 25 Of The Best For Your Body." The Huffington Post., n.d. Web. 21 Jan. 2015."The Surprising Health Benefits of Common Herbs and Spices." Lifehacker. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Jan. 2015."BASIL OLIVE OIL - EVOO Marketplace-Colorado's Original Olive Oil & Aged Balsamic Sampling Room, Denver, Littleton, Aspen." EVOO Marketplace Colorados Original Olive Oil Aged Balsamic Sampling Room Denver Littleton Aspen. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2015."Cinnamon Adds Spice and Vitality." Amrita Health Foods. N.p., 02 Oct. 2014. Web. 22 Jan. 2015."Rosemary ~ Dew of the Sea." Mystical Magical Herbs. N.p., 23 Sept. 2013. Web. 22 Jan. 2015."Banish Your Sadness with Oregano." The Arid Land Homesteaders League. N.p., 12 Mar. 2012. Web. 22 Jan. 2015"Mint Herb." Mint. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2015.Herbal Medicine." University of Maryland Medical Center. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2015. herbs that help lower your cholesterol Herbs that help lower your cholesterol 3,000 B.C.
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