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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Henry Ford Henry asked a lot of questions and he would make his mother mad because she is trying to work. He needs to fill up water for the school but he wants to play with his friends but he can't leave or the pail will fall. He was ruining his pants because he carried nailsaround in them. He needs money now that he is and adault and needs to buy his own tools. His first car that he made was to bulky and loud. Henry wants to get married to Clara but he doesnt have any land or a house to live. His father has a farm that he is going to give him and he is going to build a house for them. His father built him a bench to put all his tools in. He goes to Detroit and gets a job at the flower shop and becomes a mechanist. He puts a board in the well so that he can play with them and the water pail doesnt fall down. Every night his mother would sit down and answer the questions he had about that day. By Hazel B. Aridand Catherine Ruddiman He made a lot of changes to the car and know he has a lighter cheaper faster car. My favorite quote from the story was "Even if you fail, don't give up with what you are trying to succeed at." I liked this quote because in the book Henry tried to give up on his inventions even after he worked so long and hard on them. Problem Solution 1)The model T sold over one million cars all over the world and it was the first car to do so. 2) He was one of the first people to build a gasoline car. 3) He was one of few people to talk to ThomasEdison and he thought he was the most respectful person ever. Henry grows up on a farm and asks a lot of questions about anything and everything. When he was six-teen he went to the own and got a job at the flower shop. It was not a flower shop it was a mechanic shop. He worked there for two years before going to inventing his own cars. He became the first person to create a car that sold world wide. He created all sorts of models of cars. He then stopped making cars so he could spend more time with his wife.
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