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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Henry Ford Friends Henry Ford By Mason Wittman Sources Information Henry Ford Appleby, Joyce et al. The American Journey, Columbus, Ohio, McGraw-Hill Companies, 2009 Brown, Bryan. "The Harlem Renaissance". Junior Scholastic. February 17 2014: 12, A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 20 Jan. 2015. Facebook Jazz is amazing.Louis Armstrong knows his onions about Jazz. He played part in the Harlem Renaissance, he played at the cotton club. He set a new musical high for people to try for. With my new radio I love listening to live sports games. I like baseball and football and occasionally boxing.The radio made it exciting if I wasn't at the game.It is almost like I'm actually there is the radio. I don't only use the radio for sports, for weather and the news. I don't think my business is the only one who likes the assembly line.Mass making has changed the world for ever.There is not another way to do things I think. Its so cheap and makes more of the product.It makes everyone happy, the employees, the buyer everyone. Louis Armstrong Duke Ellington I made the model TMy birthday is July 30 1863Owner and Founder of Ford Motor Company Technology I like Model T Radio Motion Pictures People can't control them selves. A simple law like prohibition is not hard to follow.The law states that alcohol is illegal but people don't listen.There are people who do listen and smash the alcohol and the bottles. I like to watch movies.I like silent movies but i Love movies with sound.I personally like Walt Disneys movies.Usually when I go everyone ask me if I have a clam to give them.I always say no. I as a white man don't like discrimination.It is unfair to blacks. They are just like us, we are both people.Its not fair that discrimination is segregation between whites and blacks.Everyone should be treated weird. I like to go watch live music, and listen to it on recording.Jazz is my personal favorite.The music on the radio is good.It has really been evolved the past couple of years. Through the radio and just the type like African Americans are very good at jazz. The Assembly line for my business is great. It gets more model T's on the road and less horses on the road. It is cheaper and faster.It produces a lot more model T's and brings me more money. Ads Flapper dresses only $6.99 Fedora hat only $8.99 Men suit only $20.00
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