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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks DOG February 2, 2010 Target audience is young adults andolder.Many people never questiontheir doctors. This storyexposes some ethical issuesregarding medicalresearch and practice.This novel teaches the readerabout current policies in medical researchand a woman's cells thatchanged cancer research. I've spent years staring at [Henrietta's] photo, wondering what kind of life she led, what happened to her children, and what she'd think about cells from her cervix living on forever - bought, sold, packaged, and shipped by the trillions to laboratories around the world (p.1). RebeccaSloot Scientific EthicsInformed ConsentFamilyMorality and Ethics The novel takesplace in the UnitedStates from 1951 to 2010. The story takesplace at John Hopkins Hospital,in Virginia, and in Baltimore. Henrietta Lacksis the main character,but her whole family is a part of the text. Deborah Lacksis the daughterthat is trying to gether mother recognition for hercells. This image showsa unique picture that the family has of Henrietta.It shows a strong, supportivewife and mother. The backgroundis an image of enlarged cells. The conflict isperson vs. society.Before currentmedical practiceswere put in place,doctors could usesamples of a person's tissuewithout his or herpermission. Likes: Very informativeand exposes ethicalissues in medicineDislikes: Somevocabulary mayneed to be defined Author When was it published? Major Themes Exposition TargetAudience MAINCHARACTERS Image Conflict Likes/Dislikes FavoriteQuote A nonfiction novel about Henrietta Lacks. A woman that dies due to cancer, but her cells continue to live without her permission. Doctors took samples in the 1950s and continue to use her cells for research to this day. Poster Created By:Ms. Rybak Image from:
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