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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hemophilia What is it? Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder that slows down the blood clotting process Where is it found and how is it inherited? Found in the X Chromosome - 1 of the 2 sex chromosomes and inherited in an X-linked recessive pattern Who recognized it? Hemophilia was recognized by the Jews because of their babies. The blood disorder passed down from mothers to children What Are The Types and Other Names For It? Hemophilia A = Classic Hemophilia + Factor VIII DeficiencyHemophilia B = Christmas Disease + Factor IX DeficiencyHemophilia = Familial + Hereditary How Often Does This Occur In The Population? Hemophilia A - 1 in 5,000 male births Hemophilia B - 1 in 20,000 male birthsAbout 20,000 males in the U.S. live with the disorder More Frequent Among Men or Women? Men because they have 1 X chromosomeWomen have 2 X chromosomes What Are The Symptoms And Do They Change With Age? Prolonged oozing after injuriesTooth extractions or surgeryRenewed bleeding after initial bleeding has stoppedEasy or spontaneous bruisingProlonged bleedingYes because your body because less delacite as you grow How is it Diagnosed And What Test Determines It? Blood tests measure the factor clotting activity When Is The Testing Done And What Treatments Are Availible? Soon after birth if your family has history of Hemophilia or testing can be done early in pregnancy if requestedReplacement Therapy - A treatment aimed at making up a deficit of a substance normally present in the body By: Jeremy Matsil Is It Life Ending? If So, What Is The Life Expectancy? Yes, because you can lose too much bloodWithout Treatments - 11 YearsWith Treatments - 50-60 Years
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