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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HEMOPHILIA Hemophilia is a disease that prevents blood from clotting properly, causing a tendency to bleed excessively. It's a genetic disorder, which means it's either inherited from a parent or developed in the womb. Interesting Factoid: 1 of 3 cases: there is no history of hemophilia in the family; the cause is a new genetic mutation. Prognosis for the future: Risk for intracranial hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain), joint disease, and inhibitor development, increase with age. Treatment:The disease could be cured by a liver transplant, but could cause worse health problems. A cut or minor wound is usually no big deal but internal bleeding in the joints, muscles, or organs can be serious and treatment is necessary. Serious cases are treated with regular shots of the missing clotting factor. It is transfused through an IV into a vein. Effectiveness of Treatments:Hemophilia can't be cured but can be managed. Moderate/mild cases don't require shots unless they have a serious injury/require surgery. Scientists are working on gene therapy: an experimental technique to give the body the genetic information it doesn't have. Scientists plan to be able to provide a hemophiliac withthe genetic information they need to produce their own clotting factors. Who's affected:-Humans (mostly males)-transmitted through x chromosomes, therefore women are mainly carriers. -Blood and clotting factors in the bloodstream are affected by hemophilia-The circulatory system, epithelial tissue, andconnective tissue are affected-Internal bleeding can affect muscle tissue, joints, the brain SYMPTOMS:-Unusual bruises in location or number-Nosebleeds that won't stop-Excessive bleeding from biting a lip, having a tooth pulled, or losing a tooth,-Painful or swollen joints -Blood in the urine Canada Severe Hemophilia Statistics: 2013 (0-4)(5-9)(10-14)(15-24)(25-34) (35-44)(45-54)(55-64)(65-74)(75-84)(85+) Ages: F 0 1 1 2 1 F000000 M 73 97 99 171 152 M 84 69 36 9 3 0
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