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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lake Ellyn On the side of Lake Ellyn lies on one the most cherished places in Glen Ellyn the Boathouse. Even though it is 75 years old but is very important to recognize when visiting Lake Ellyn. You also can use the boathouse for special gatherings. You can fish there but you can not swim,and the main eventIceskating Lake ellyn Boathouse More than 30 years ago, stood a place that we will never forget.The Lake Ellyn Hotel was made in 1892 and was designed to be a spa and hotel resort.They also thought that it would attract tourists and Glen Ellyn would be more popular. That was not very successful. It did not attract that much touristsand soon enough it was going to go out of business, and just before they were going to go outof business, it burned down because it was struck by lightning. Lake ellyn hotel. District, Glen Ellyn. Lake Ellyn Park 2013 Master Plan (n.d.): N. Pag. Lake Ellyn Park 2013 Master Plan Glen Ellyn Park Distrct, 103 Web Ties Dec. 2014 Sources The Lake Thousands of years ago, Pottawatomie Indians found Lake Ellynand maintained for a long time, until the day the settlers came. When it was took by the settlers, they ruined the nature of Lake Ellyn by making it artificial. Even though thathappened this is still so important to everyone in glen ellyn because it is a place where you can go to relax and spend time with family or friends. It is one of the most visited places in Glen Ellyn.A lot of events happen at Lake EllynSome include the Turkey Trot, BoatRegatta and the Freedom four. Ithink this is the best place in Glen Ellynbecause first of all the history and second of all the events. The Place You Want To Be By: Ben Vogel Lake Ellyn Today you have learned about the great lake ellyn and its features. With all these attractions there is no wonder that Lake Ellyn gets lots of vistitors each year
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