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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Her world was completelysilent and dark, since she was both blind and deaf. Helen Keller was both blind and deaf Helen's hands were very important in her life. They helped her feel and describe what she was touching and feeling. It was how she livedeveryday was a new adventure in her life Hands The World I Live In Helen Keller The World I Live In Helen Keller In the book she says that talks about how she is so grateful for what she has and has especially her hands. Helen says that hands have such a huge power and necessary need in are life. Vibrations "My hand is to me what your hearing and sight together are to you. large measure we travel the same highways, read the same books, speak the same language, yet our experiences are different." - Helen Keller Helen used vibrations to sense her emotions.She played instruments that helped her sensemusic. She says that "it explains to me how sound can die away to the listening ear."Helen can feel the wind and the grass swaying through all the vibrations in the world. When a person was talking she would put her fingers on their throat to get a sensefor what they were saying. Smell Helen says that smell is the most important sense out of all of them. She can tell where sheis by the smell of it.Smell Gives you more of an idea than touch and taste. Helen can tell who someone is because of what they smell like. The Values of The senses Helen lives without two of her senses,hearing and seeing. So all of her othersenses are all very important to her. Most people don't take their senses to be that important and Helen rants aboutthat in the the book. She says to take them fro grant because one day you might not have one of them. The World I Live in This book is a collection of Helen Keller's essays that were edited by Roger Shattuck. She talks about her life as a blind and deaf women in analogies.
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