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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Heiroglyphics By: Kaleigh Baker Hieroglyphics were first used around 3200 B.C. At first there were only about 250 symbols Wichita quickly turned into 700-800 Which then evolved into over 6,000. The basic knoll age for a young scribe was around 750 symbols but many talented scribes knew almost all of the symbols. There brains must have been overloaded! Just kidding. Hieroglyphics means the writing of the gods, so hieroglyphics were sort of their connection to the gods. Hieroglyphics were commonly used on tombs, monuments, religous texts, papyrus and the book of the dead which was in a persons tomb in a he corners so nobody could come in and steal anything from the tomb. There are two leeters for some symbol sometimes and this is why: the two letters made up a word in Ancient Egypt. Other symbols meant a whole word or 2 letters in heiroglyphs. The first language of the Ancient Egyptians was Heiroglyphics, then came the Demotic script, then Coptic, Greek and finally the present day language of Egypt: Arabic! There are many rules for reading hieroglyphics. If there is an animal in the script you read into its eyes. If there is a bird facing to the right you have to read the script from right to left. If the bird was facing to the left then you would read the script from left to right. Nobody knows exactly how to pronounce every Egyptian symbol but we can make very good guesses. Nobody even knows if the Egyptians used vowels or not! Read this way!😀
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