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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1. Outer Natives bound in chains Sees the darkness Inner Meets Kurtz Is in the darkness Central The jealousy and disallusion Overhears the darkness 2. 3. A Three Part Journey Can Marlow get Out of the Heart of Darkness? YES NO NO NO YES 3. Inner: 1. Outer: 2.Central: As Marlow waits for his boat to be repaired, he overhearsthe men saying that each station should be a beacon for civilizingas well as centers of trade. The way the men talk about the ivory asthough they are possessed. Marlow also overhears the jealousy the men feel towards Kurtz, who he begins to idolize. He is almost inthe heart of darkness. Conrad never reveals whether or not Marlow truly moves beyond the heart of darkness consider: Before Outer Central Inner Years Further Into the Heart of Darkness The More Marlow Realizes Marlow sees the Natives being led in chains by another Native. He also sees a group of natives starving. He was aware of the violence of imperialsim, but now he witnesses it first hand. He has now entered into the heart of darkness. Here Marlow meets Kurtz for the first time. Kurtz haslost himself to the heart of darkness. Marlow soon realizes that the worshiped Kurtz is really a crazy broken man who rules like a godthrough fear.This is where Marlow fully realizes the evil of imperialism. He stands in the heart of darkness, and tries to leaveit behind. A literary theory analyzing structure with no outside influences. FORMALIST Where is theNellie headed?Is Marlow goingto another placelike the Congo Marlow is stilltelling this story,he is stillthinking aboutit No longerenamored butKurtz had alastingimpression He is physicallyout of the Congo, and away fromthe imperialism He is no longerenamored withKurtz, and haswitnessed thedarkness Sources:North Carolina Prevention Report Card 2012Reaching the Healthy People Goals for Reducing Childhood Obesity Closing the Energy GapTipping the Scales 1.INTO THE HEART OF DARKNESS 2.IN THE HEART OF DARKNESS 3.OUT OF THE HEART OF DARKNESS
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