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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What functions of the enable people to their own ? How do thoughts travel in the brain? So why can we "hear" these electric signals as words? Corpus Collosum Cerebrum Frontal Lobe Temporal Lobe Wernike Area Broca Area Auditory Cortex -Thoughts travel as electric signals in the brain. -These electric signals travel from neuron to neuron. -When the thoughts travel across synapses, or the space between neurons, neurotransmitters aid the signals. -Then the dendrites of other neurons pick the thoughts up and do the samething all over again. Sources: By: Jordan Baggs and Lauren Young -These electric signals areinterpreted as words because ofthe regions of the brain the signals travel through.-The Cerebrum allows thoughtsto occur, while the Corpus Collosom connects the two hemispheres together. -The Frontal Lobe processes thought and sends it to other cortexes. -In this case the Auditory Cortex, locatedin the Temporal Lobe, is used. -It, in turn, routes the thoughts through the Broca and Wernike Areas.They are responsible for the interpretation as being words. What about deaf people? What about babies? -It is unknown if babies can "hear" their ownthoughts as they do not speak in any language that humans can currently understand. -This is because hearing your own thoughts requires your brain to predict your own voice. -It will be impossible to measure how babies think until they begin speaking a comprehensible language. -Those who are deaf, and have been since they were born, have never heard a language but communicate visually through sign language. -The auditory cortex of deaf peoples' brains actually changes to understand sign and not a spoken language. -Because of this change, deaf people "see" their thoughts instead of "hear" them. So the simple answer: Our brains do some amazing things to enable us to hear our own thinking. The words we seem to "hear" when we are thinking, are actually a prediction of our own voices. Where does this happen?
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