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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 More than half ofwomen receive synthetic oxytocin to induce labor More than two-thirds of women give birth lying flat Normal, Healthy Births HEALTH FOR AND IMPROVE CREATED BY LABOR The norm for birth in the US includes use of technology and interventions that are not proven to benefit healthy women and babies during childbirth. Childbirth is safe and does not routinely require medical intervention. Kaitlin Law School of Nursing University of Maryland REFERENCES BABIES, FAMILIES WOMEN, NORMAL, HEALTHY CHILDBIRTH Medications used DISRUPTED CHILDBIRTH Starts and progresses on its own BENEFITS to induce or speed up labor BIRTH Move around freely Restrictedfood and drink Eat and drink if you choose Vaginal birth Normal blood loss Cesarean, vacuum, or forceps Early cutting of umbilical cord Body's hormones help you cope with pain Time limitson labor progress anethesia and epidurals 1st HOUR AFTER BIRTH Baby is skin-to-skin with you Breastfeeding begins right away You and your baby are separated Episiotomy Less than half of women walk freely during labor One third of women give birth by cesarean section Lower rates of chronic diseases Better breastfeeding Lower rates of respiratory distress for babies WHAT IS NORMAL HEALTHY CHILDBIRTH? Reduced costof healthcare services a major abdominal surgery with health consequences leads to additional interventions to treat and prevent side effects this increases the likelihood of episotomies evidence shows that movement promotes labor American College of Nurse-Midwives. (n.d.). What is Physiologic Birth? Tools for Optimizing the Outcomes of Labor Safely. Retrieved from American College of Nurse-Midwives. (2014). Normal, Healthy Childbirth for Women and Families: What You Need to Know. Healthy Birth Initiative. Retrieved from ACNM/files/ccLibraryFiles/FILENAME/000000003184/NormalBirthAndYou-092514.pdf Support person of your choice
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