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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Eating healthy when you eat healthy you can get all of thevitamins and nutrients and maintain healthy habits.Ex. eat the correct amount offruits and vegetables. Healthy Behaviors when you exercise, you can get rid of unwanted caloriesand keep fat from forming. Washing Your Hair When you brush your teeth youprevent cavities and keep upon your hygiene, to make sure you don't have an unwanted dental visit. Brushing Your Teeth When you wash your hair youare getting rid of unwanted grease and dead skin on yourscalp. And to smell good andto look good Stay in Shape Controlling Stress Having Hobbies Have Good Friends Eye Exam Sport Participation Doctors Physical When you get a Doctors physicalyou make sure that you arehealthy and don't have any growth problems or unhealthy habits. Make sure you control your stress because you don't want itto get out of hand or it can affectyou in bad ways, like not beingfun to be around or feeling depressed You need to do something thatmakes you happy, and so with a hobby you can have fun and keep your life interesting Your friend influence your choices and with good friends come good choices, and that leads to better life decisions You need to take care of your eyes just as much as everythingelse and so if you get an eye exam it shows that your eyesare healthy, or you would get glasses. If you participate in sports you can have a good hobby, and keepgood health all in one, and you can get better friends that sharethe same interests as you.
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