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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Six Dimensions of Wellness SocialWhen you are with your friends,your impact on others and how your are as a person. How you interact with society if you are in Facebook or something.IntellectualBegging creative, doing mental activities. Expand your knowledge and discover your gifts. Meditation is a way you can expand your mind,challenging your mind.EmotionalAwareness and accepting your feelings. If you are feeling sad then you say ok I'm sad why am I sad? Ask yourself questions like that. It is the ability to cope with stress and depression. If you are not emotionally balanced you should seek help like a therapist or doctor. Education - (Occupational)School and learning what your grades are. Your attitude should be positive towards your work. And what you do in your spare time like reading a book.Physical What you look like if you're physically hurt or sick. The need for physical activity and how much you need. For example,a sport like baseball, basketball, soccer, crew, football and more. Also your calorie intake in other words,what you eat and drink everyday.SpiritualMeaning for human existence. Your actions are more constant with your beliefs. Can be God and worship. For example if your mom likes to go to church or is very religious,and you don't want to believe in God. You don't have to go to church stick with your opinion.
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