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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tap and hold to changethis text! tap and hold to changethis text! Spiritual: tap and hold to changethis text! tap and hold to changethis text! Education- (occupational): Physical: Social: Intellectual: Emotional: The occupational development is related to ones attitude. You will convey your values through your involvement in activities that are gratifying to you. Pick a job that interests you that you like. Physical development encourages people to learn about diet and nutrition and to stay away from drugs and alcohol. You also learn how to eat healthy and build strength. It is better to stay fit than to be out of shape. tap and hold to changethis text! As you get more social you feel that you are more needed in the society. You will see the beauty of life. You will discover the power to make choices to make personal relationships with others. You involvement will make you feel like you have a purpose. Intellectual means that you are stimulating ones mental activity. You will spend more time pursuing personal interests and reading you develope your intellectual curiosity you'll strive and challenge your mind. You new ideas will broaden your ideas on the world. Appreciate life.while traveling the path, you may experience many feelings of doubt, despair, fear, disappointment and dislocation, as well as feelings of pleasure, joy, happiness and discovery. Live life happy. Youll live and work independently while realizing the importance of seeking and appreciating the support and assistance of others. You will be able to accept people, and you will follow your feelings.
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