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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 *resources Why do Teens start using drugs? By Lauren Ko Drugs are often advirtised by people who look fun loving and good looking people-something adolescents want to be Attractiveness of drugs Other people Teens see other people such as parents, other adults, and friends using them and thus think its ok or are urged to by fellow classmates. Escape and self-meditation When teens are unhappy, stressed, frustrated, and cannot find someone trusted to talk to many turn to chemical substances which has varying effects to make them feel good. Boredom It has been proven that teens who cannot deal with being alone, have trouble keeping themselves occupied, or crave excitement are most-likely those who start. It gives them something to do and the chemical effect helps fill the empty feeling in them. Rebellion Alcohol allows the kidto be more angry. Same with meth but is far more potent. Marijuana reduces agression so it is mostly avoided when it comes to rebelling. LSD and Hallucinogens are often used by kids who feel misunderstood and wish to escape to a more idealistic, kinder world Its Instant Drugs and alcohol work right away. It is a quick and easy way for teens to get gratification quickily. Lack of Confidence Many shy teens report that they do a lot of things under the influence of alcohol that they normally wouldn't do. This is because alcohol helps the user to let go and be who they normally wouldn't be due to their shyness. This is the most avoidable one. Teens are misinformed about this topic and thus, don't fully understand it and allow them to do stupid things. An easy fix to this problem is education. Misinformation / / Chemical substances is a way for kids to show independance. Usually smoking is the way to show this but other chemicals are used depending on mood.
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