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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The occupational section of wellness talks about happiness and satisfaction with your work or school. Your level of satisfaction with your occupation effects your overall attitude and even health. Occupation Physical The physical portion of wellness concerns your diet, exercise, and nutrition. Physical wellness is met through good eating and regular exercise. You have the responsibility of caring for yourself and knowing when a professional is needed. Aside from having a healthy body, you will also have higher self esteem and and psychological benefits. Intellectual wellness concerns a person expanding there knowledge and skills beyond the classroom. Things like reading books, magazines and he newspaper all support intellectual wellness Intellectual Emotional wellness is the acceptance of your feelings. It also includes the ability to manage feelings and assess the situation. Awareness of and accepting your feelings are how you become an emotionally healthy person. Emotional Social The social corner of wellness encourages giving back to the community and realizing the impact you have on the world. To keep good social wellness you must have meaningful relationships and good friends to rely on. The spiritual dimension talks about our search for the meaning of life and human existence. To have spiritual wellness you must have a deep appreciation for the depth of the universe. You will form your own beliefs while being tolerant of others ideas as well. Spiritual Moderator: Grace Fiorino
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