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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 INFORMATION Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Complete numbered consultation form Germany lost 13% of its land in the treaty,including 12% ofits population OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT PROBLEM DOCTORS [2] right wing Both attempted revolutions: Clinic department The newly formed socialistgovernment was blamed- and branded the Some supported the WATERKLOOF AIRFORCE BASE CLINIC LIMITED PATIENT SEATING 1. FACILITY - 8 Consultation rooms- Resus room- Triage room- Patient bathroom- Sluice room- Staff bathroom and kitchen- Waiting area- Gym Vision: "To provide a professionaland skilled medical team thatis committed to the militarycommunity." 60 - 80 PER DAY 2. STAFF PROFESSIONAL NURSES [5] ENROLLED NURSES [1] PHARMACISTS [2] OTHER: [5]Social Worker, Psychologist, Dietician, Biokineticist 3. PATIENT LOAD 2000 PER MONTH 4. SERVICES PROVIDED - Primary health care (PHC) consultations- Emergency Mx- Drawing of blood- Immunisations- Social work- Psychology services- Dietetics- Biokinetics- Female Clinic- Baby Clinic- ARV Clinic- Home-based care services 5. FINANCES / BUDGET Provincial area Military Health Unit NationalMilitary Health Unit AirforceSurgeon General PROCEDURE FOR PHC CONSULTATIONS: WAIT Vitals taken in triage room WAIT Consultation with doctor/nurses POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: - Creating a temporary structure to increase the covered seating area for the overflow patients- Utilize building equipment, materials and volunteers from other departments of the airbase/military - Waterkloof Clinic: Library converted to Clinic - Available seating: - Surplus must stand outside- Does not honour Batho Pele principle of Access Dangerous implications for patients due to extreme weather and long waiting times.Especially acutely ill or patients with complications of chronic illness. 30 - 40 Reference:Department of Community Safety and Liaison [Internet].Bathu Pele. [updated 2011; cited 2015 Feb 25]. Available from:
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