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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 STI's:High Risks:-Sexual intercourse-Blood to blood contact-Sharing needles-Tattoos, body piercing.-Infected mother to baby. How to know when ready:-Is this what I want?-Can I talk to my partner?-Does my partner care what I think?-Will it make me feel better or worse?-Do I know how to protect myself?-How will I feel if/after we break up? Bacterial (curable) STI's:-Clamydia, LGV, Syphilis.vs.Viral (uncurable) STI's:-Herpes, HepatitisB, PHV. Reasons for Abstinence:-Moral/Religious-To avoid STI's-avoid pregnancy-in test of love Infections from STI's are normallypassed through sexual contact.-oral-vaginal-anal-skin to-skin. STI's:In order for transmission to occur:- A body fluid with germ on it.- A way to spread germs from one anotherConsidered Infections:-Blood-Fluids in sores/blisters. Health STI's STI's Choices Choices You're not ready if:-you feel/ are being pressured-its the only way to improve the relationship-just because 'every one else is doing it'-can't talk with partner-you don't have a way of protecting your self-you need to be drunk or /stoned/ Menstrual cycle Menstrual cycle Day 1-7First day-blood/tissue that lines inside of uterus flowing.-lasts 2 days.-body sends hormones -this signals to uterus for a new 'egg'. Day 8-13-Hormones prepare egg to be realesed from ovary.-Lining of Uterus thickens + becomes rich inblood + nutrients in case of sperm. Day 14-middle of cycle, ovulation occurs-ovulation is when the egg is released fromone of the ovaries.-During this time egg will travel down fallopian tube.
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