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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Another way to incorporate more activity into your daily routine is to choose an active place to hang out with friends. Some of the places that you could hang out with friends include: footy field YMCAbeach basketball court park Bounce mountain bike riding Physical activity is defined as any activity that gets your body moving, you breathing faster and your heart beat quicker. Some examples of physical activity are playing a team sport, bike riding, walking, gardening or playing at the park.The requirement of physical activity for adolescents is to do an hour of physical activity each day. This means that you could do four 15 minute sessions of physical activity, or three 20 minute sessions, or even just do 60 minutes all in one go, it is up to you. What is Physical Activity? Activley Hanging Out with Friends Playing a Team Sport Setting Goals Setting goals is another way to incorporate more activity into your daily routine. Goals such as:Shoot 15 basketball hoops a dayRun 2km in half an hourSwim 50m in 45 seconds The benefits of setting goals are:They give you reasons to get outside and be active. Goals are something to be proud of when you achieve them.They improve your sport.They help you to set goals for everyday things, for example, homework. Physical Actvity for Adolesence A way to incorporate more activity into your daily routine is to do a team sport. Some of the team sports you could do include:BasketballFootballNetballCricketSoccerVolleyball The benefits of doing a team sport are: Making new friends.Learning to work as a team.Being active whilst having fun with friends.Learning new skills.
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