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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Health Newsletter MEDICAL MOVES: The wthr article explains the recent whooping cough in Carmel. Some students have been getting the cough because they were exposed to it on busses and in classrooms. The school has already taken action. They recently sent Parents an email explaing to be awareOf specific symptoms. Such as, the common cold, For people who don't Know what it is,The whoopingCough is a highlyContagiousRespiratory Infection. FITNESS FLASH: NUTRITION NEWS: /story/28238857/carmel-high-school-reports-case-of-whooping-co ugh In the wfyi article it explains that some teens are not active enough. All teens shouldBe active. It helpsStrengthen yourBones and Increase muscle Mass. However it's not thatTeens don't enjoy Sports. It's because in some neighborhoods thereIsn't always a safePlace to play. However, organizedClasses or teamsAre not the only Option. You can alsoArrange time in Your Schedual to go to a gym and play. Another option isA school PE class. In the medicalNews article it Talks about the Health benefits Of popular foods. Eating healthy reduces risksOf becoming obese. However, a lotOf people don't Know what foodsTo eat. Some foods youShould eat Regularly are...Apples, bananas,Almonds, and carrots.
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