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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this header text! Health Drug Project By:Hannah Peterson and Bailey Ritter Classification: OtherHow addictive is it?It is not common to get addicted to it. It becomesaddictive when it is abusedrepeatedly.Fact: Most inhalants besides nitratesaffect the central nervous system ina manner similar to alcohol.The effects of both are very similar,including things such as loss of coordination, slurred speech,and hallucinations. Inhalants: LSD (Acid): Classification: Hallucinogen How addictive is it?LSD is not a very addictive, because it doesn't produce the compulsive behavior ofaddiction.Fact: LSD (Acid) is an intense drug,that greatly alters the brains abilityto distinguish between hallucinationsand reality. Amphetamines(Speed/Adderall): Classification: StimulantHow addictive is it?When used medicallyAmphetamines are not addictive, once takenin large doses, is when itbecomes addictive.Fact: This effects ofamphetamines andcocaine are very similar. The only difference is theeffects of the amphetamineslast longer than the effectsof the cocaine. Methylphenidate(Ritalin): Classification: StimulantHow addictive is it?When Ritalin is prescribedby a doctor it is not addictive.Once it gets abused, is whenit becomes addictive.Fact: Methylphenidate is a stimulant drug that is very similar toamphetamines. Both of thesedrugs are most commonlyprescribed to adults andteenagers diagnosed withillnesses such as (ADHD). Salvia: Classification: HallucinogenHow addictive is it?Research hasn't beenable to prove that Salviais addictive. It is evidentthat it is not safe to usebecause of the harmfuleffects.Fact: Salvia is a potent drug that attacks the nerve cells. It is most commonly classified as a hallucinogen but does not act on serotoninreceptors like other drugs such as LSD. K2 Spice: Classification: HallucinogenHow addictive is it? It is known to beaddictive when usedvery regularly.Fact: K2 Spice is asynthetic marijuana.Like marijuana, they are both hallucinogens and have very similar effects on the bodysuch as good mood,relaxation andaltered perception.
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