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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SET TO SUCCESS* Emulates life* Make better conscious choices* Setbacks teach you to 'play on'* Helps you to learn to be supportive* Helps you find personal strength* Teaches to be encouraging* Lets you learn from failures* Relieves stress* Makes you think rationally* Builds relationships* Strengths bones By: Samantha MoorzitzBlock 6B FITNESS IS PAR* Reduces the the amount of low-density, "bad" cholesterol.* Walking with clubs is even better and burns more calories than just walking.* Raises heart rates by an average of 25 beats per minute which strengthens the heart.* Tones muscles - makes you look and feel better.* Helps you relax after a stressful day* Valuable method for building an individual's character. Serena Williams:American professional tennis player Serena has won over 30 Grand Slam titles and severalOlympic gold medals. HEALTH BENEFITS ACE YOUR FITNESS GAME* Can be played at any age at any skill level.* Whole body sport - you burn lots of calories.* Reduces body fat.* Reduces risk of heart disease.* Increases coordination * Increases balance.* Allows the brain to be creative by planning and thinking tactically.* One of the best weight-bearing exercises needed to support bone health. DANCE TILL YOU DROP* Reduces stress levels* Increases serotonin levels* Reduced risk of dementia by 76%* Maintains complexity of neuronal connections* Integrates several brain functions at once increasing neural connectivity.* Increases attentiveness* Increases flexibility
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