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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Pros and Cons OF Screen Time Pros Cons Whats the recommended Time The time children should stay in front of the tv or playing computer games is 2 hours maximum. When the person stays longer it gets more aggresive and is harder to handle. Playing computer games gives you an opportunity to get away from school stuff.If someone plays games on the computer they learn to use their hands better, same thing as if you would do a puzzle or using scissors.Also if you have a portable device or a computer you can easier keep track of your appointments for example if you have a meeting with your bossyou can set a timer for that time and you willnot forget it. If you stay to long in front of your computerit may happen that after you dont have enough time to do their homework or playwith friends. You will get tired and your eyes get hurt forstarring to long at a screen. Signs of Addiction to Screen Time Signs of Addictio are when the person that plays too much gets aggresive and neglect his friends to play more and more computer games. Computer addicts havea harder time controlling things, than healthier teenagers.Addicts also start to use their money wrong, which makes them spend much money for something they dont needthat much. pg
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