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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Intellectual The Intellectual Dimension of Wellness is when you realize your artistic, creative, and mental achievements and ability. When you use the Intellectual Dimension you are stretching your knowledge and abilities and sharing them with others, you're also enriched in intellectual expansion. You should use issues related to problem-solving in order to strengthen your mind, to do this you will be reading books, magazines, and newspapers while pursuing personal interests. Learn to challenge your mind instead of being unproductive, and teach yourself to apply yourself to solving problems and decide based on the information given to you and come up with a reasonable solution. Spiritual The Spiritual Dimension of Wellness is when you look for your purpose in this life, 'Why am I here?' 'What do I do?', in order to answer these questions you must create a deep appreciation for life and adjust to the natural forces of the world. When you use the Spiritual Dimension there will be many feelings of doubt, happiness, joy, exciting discovery, and fear. You need to become the type of person whose actions are equal with their beliefs. Learn to think about the meaning of life on this planet and listen and be open to the beliefs of other cultures and religions and teach yourself to consistently keep your values and beliefs level than to be unrealistic and dishonest with ourselves. Emotional The Emotional Dimension of Wellness is when you choose and adjust to accepts your own and one another's feelings to the degree in which you feel great about yourself and your life through positive and encouraging ways. When you use the Emotional Dimension you must realize that everyone has emotional limitations and you shouldn't cross them and also learn your own limitations to reflect on yourself. Learn to cope with your emotions and try your best to control them the best you can. Express your feelings and use them the best you can in the real world. tap and hold to changethis text! Megan Aloise 4b
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