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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Headsets are a set of headphones, usually used in telephone or radio communication. What are headsets? HEADSETS BY: Charlene Ramos How do headsets work? How are headsets useful? HISTORY FUTURE The headset functions exactly like speakers, only in a smallerscale, with everything shrunkendown. Essentially, they use magnetism to convert electricalenergy into sound. Here is a diagram: Headsets allow us to listen to music, phone calls, videos etc. without disturbing others. They also allow people to communicate more efficiently, easily and hands-free. Nathaniel Baldwin, a student ofStanford University, invented the headset in 1910. They were mainly used for the purpose of aviation, and were first purchased as headsets for pilots during WW1. The bluetooth is also a formof the wireless headset. Nowadays, headsets have newerand more advanced features, suchas noise-cancelling headsets andcompletely wireless headsets,that use the same technology asthe bluetooth. With all of the advanced technology we have today, a possible future of the headset that would be more popular,is a form of "Bone Conduction." This technology consists of a headphone that would wrap around your ear and rest upon the bones near your ear. The headphone would act as your ear drum, converting sound waves into vibrations that would be passed through the ear as electrical impulses, and eventually be sent to the auditory nerve in your brain, allowing you to hear from the small device.
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