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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What Causes Different Types of Headaches? Male 40% 60% Female Females are more than 50% likely to get migrainesand severe headaches than males. Lack-of-caffeine Headache Common Headaches and Their Causes Exercise-induced Headache Exercise-induced headaches occur during or after sustained, strenuous exercise. If you drink a few cups of tea or coffee a day, you will probably get a lack-of-caffeineheadache if you break your routine. These headaches usually happen in the morningbecause overnight is when people go the longest time without caffeine. Migraine Brain Freeze Hangover Headache Tension Headaches Migraines may be caused by hormonal changes in women, foods such as alcohol, aged cheeses,and chocolate, stress, sensory stimuli such as bright lights, unusual smells, or unpleasant odors, changes in sleep-wake pattern, physical factors, changes in the environment, and medications. Hangover headaches are caused by dilated blood vessels in the brain, loweredblood glucose, and substances in the alcohol that dilate the blood vessels. When something cold touches the roof of your mouth, the sudden temperature change of the tissuestimulates nerves to cause rapid dilation and swelling of blood vessels. The dilation of the bloodvessels triggers pain receptors, and increase sensitivity to further pain. Because the trigeminalnerve senses facial pain, the brain interprets the pain signal as coming from the forehead. Tension headaches may be caused by stress, depression and anxiety, poor posture,working in awkward positions or holding one position for a long time, and jaw clenching. Nervous System ~ Responsible for controlling andcoordinating functions of the body. ~ Billions of neurons receive andtransmit electrical impulsesthroughout the body. ~ There are 3 types of neurons:sensory neurons, motor neurons,and interneurons. ~ A neuron can transmit electricalimpulses at the speed of 100meters per second.
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