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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top Ten Common Household Hazards and & Prevention Furniture and a lot of it makes it crowded and hard to walk. To prevent falling you can move the furniture around so there is more space.Rugs can make it easy to slip and fall. To prevent this you could put tape on the bottom of the rugs or don't have rugs at all.Having clutter of random things on the floor can cause a person to trip. To prevent tripping you can always make sure nothing is on the floorHaving extension cords out are very dangerous and you can fall over them. To prevent this you can unplug them or have an electrician make more outlets.In the kitchen putting items on high shelves make it difficult to reach and you use bad body mechanics. To prevent this you can put it in a lower shelf.In the bathroom make sure your floors aren't slippery it can cause you to fall. You can prevent this by checking the floors and making sure people are drying off.Not being able to see at night is dangerous because you could run into something. To prevent this you can put just a few night lights out.If you have stairs and they are broken or uneven they can cause you to lose you balance and fall. To prevent this you can get them checked and avoid them.When you are using a step stool make sure its steady so it doesn't wobble and make you use your balance. To prevent following get a step stool with a bar to hold on to.If you have problems getting out of the bath or off the toilet and can cause you to fall. To prevent this you can have a carpenter insirt bars you can hold on to for support.
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